Film Faced Plywood in Current Situation

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As we know Film faced plywood is a lightweight, durable and eco-friendly system that provides high quality concrete cast surface.

It is prepared by combining the specially prepared three layers on top of each other. Film faced plywood is applicable wherein a large surface needs be coated with a light  and durable material. It is especially preferred in molds prepared for pouring concrete in constructions. Usually, plywood boards are made of birch, poplar, spruce, or pine but there are many types of materials used by plywood manufacturers in different parts of the world. While the type of plywood used is important, the real opportunity for making a difference for the final concrete result is the type of coating: the film that is applied on the plywood surface.


Advantages of film faced plywood:

Plywood has the natural property to absorb moisture, resulting in a sponge effect. This causes movement of the panels, affects the weight and the mechanical properties of the material, ultimately influencing its life cycle. Its advantages includes:

Provides high-quality concrete cast surface

High durability

Can be reused

The panel shear of plywood is nearly double that of solid timber due to its cross laminated structure.

Easy to machine and fix using standard machining and fastening methods

Easy to handle on-site

Good chemical resistance

Wide variety of different overlays and sizes available

Plywood has ecological importance.

Applications of Film Faced Plywood

(1) Construction industry: shuttering film faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form, formwork plywood

Film faced plywood is mainly used for construction. So film faced plywood is also called shuttering film faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form. Because of this end-use, customers usually want WBP film faced plywood, which is more suitable to be used as shuttering for big projects. However, some customers require MR film faced plywood, which is to be used as shuttering for ordinary projects.

(2) Anti-slip film faced plywood: flooring materials for building vehicles, work platforms.

According to the types of face/back, film faced plywood can be divided into smooth film faced plywood and anti-slip film faced plywood. Anti-slip film faced plywood is usually used as flooring materials for vehicles, trucks, and platforms.

(3) Film faced plywood can be used for shelves and furniture, too.

Compared with wood veneer faced plywood, film faced plywood is more durable and has more wear-resistant surfaces. So it can be used for making durable furniture and shelves.


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